All possible online payment methods in one platform

PSPLine allows you to increase the number of customers through additional payment methods, giving users from all over the world the opportunity to purchase your goods or services.


Integrate merchants and acquirers
of suppliers in one click

Integration and interaction with any acquiring providers (banks, financial institutions,
payment solutions, etc.


Create invoices and deliver them to customers promptly, facilitating immediate payment for your goods or services.

Payment in mobile apps

Integrate direct payments into your app so that users can choose their preferred payment methods and make purchases seamlessly without leaving your service or store.

Payment links

Dedicated links allow you to make sales even without a website or app, providing direct payment acceptance via messaging platforms or social networks.

Payment web widget

Accept payments with Visa and Mastercard, e-wallets, and Apple or Google Pay. Transactions take place seamlessly on a customized payment page that reflects your brand's distinctive style.


Pre-authorize the amount of payment on the customer's bank card before providing services or delivering goods.

QR payments

Include payment information in a QR code - a versatile method that can be used in both online and offline scenarios to speed up payment for your customers.

Payment widget

Achieve quick integration of online payments with your website using the fastest method available. The payment page automatically detects the customer's bank and efficiently offers a minimum of fields to simplify the process.

Pay in one click

PSPline securely stores and restores customer payment information in a secure vault. This streamlined process allows for one-click recurring purchases, automatically substituting card details for quick transactions.

P2P transfers

A peer-to-peer money transfer service that facilitates transactions between individuals. Accessed via the recipient's card number or phone number for added convenience.

Split payments

Simplified payment splitting allows you to distribute debited amounts between several bank accounts. This feature provides convenience for efficient payments to suppliers and partners.


With the help of auto-payments, you can easily initiate automatic debiting of funds from a customer's card on a predetermined date and for a certain amount. This feature is especially useful for businesses that provide financial services.

Subscription payments

Simplify payment for subscription renewals by automatically charging your customer's card at regular intervals, offering customizable schedule options according to your preferences.

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