Branded Light payment solution for any type of business

Branded Light by PSPline

We will implement the Branded Light payment solution according to the individual requirements of your business

Branded Light by PSPline is a unique transaction solution that is changing the landscape of online payments. This state-of-the-art product provides businesses with unprecedented agility, providing a smooth and easy transaction path.



per one transaction

Transparency of our pricing structure is fundamental to our ethos

PSPline's Branded Light product solution operates with a minimum fee of 0.3% per transaction, which ensures cost-effectiveness. In addition, our revision services to order are available at competitive rate of $40 per hour.

Commitment to adaptability and personalized service

The PSPline platform is not just a utilitarian payment tool, but rather a blank canvas waiting to be painted with your unique vision and ideas. Every facet of PSPline's Branded Light has been carefully crafted with the intention of meeting your specific requirements. Whether it's specialized features, a distinct visual identity, or personalized functions, our team is deeply committed to translating your creative concepts into material and functional elements of the platform. We are committed to bringing your innovative ideas to life and ensuring that they are seamlessly integrated into PSPline, providing your business with customized solutions to succeed.

Your branding becomes the centerpiece

In addition, Branded Light is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Any branding you wish can be easily integrated into the platform. 
Your brand identity becomes the centerpiece, ensuring that every transaction carries your unique imprint, increasing brand awareness and trust among your customers.