Light payment solution for any type of online business

Light by PSPline

We will implement the Branded Light payment solution according to the individual requirements of your business

Light by PSPline is an avant-garde transaction solution provided by the PSPline payment platform that is fundamentally changing the landscape of online payments. This innovative development provides businesses with unprecedented versatility, delivering a seamless and highly adaptable transactional experience that sets new standards in the industry. Its advanced features not only redefine the way transactions are conducted, but also provide a level of flexibility and simplicity that significantly improves the overall payment process for businesses and consumers alike.



per one transaction

Transparency of our pricing structure is fundamental to our ethos

PSPline's Light product solution operates with a minimum fee of 0.3% per transaction, which ensures cost-effectiveness. In addition, our revision services to order are available at competitive rate of $40 per hour. The number of hours required to adapt the platform to your preferences is discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Commitment to adaptability and personalized service

The PSPline platform is more than just a tool; it's an open canvas that looks forward to your creative vision. Every facet of PSPline's Light payment solution has been carefully crafted to meet your needs.Whether it's functionality, customized look and feel, or personalized attributes, our professional team is truly dedicated to turning your concepts into reality.

Your branding becomes the centerpiece

In addition, "Light" is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Any branding you wish can be easily integrated into the platform. 
Your brand identity becomes the centerpiece, ensuring that every transaction carries your unique imprint, increasing brand awareness and trust among your customers.